Xiaomi Mi 55W Wireless Charging Stand


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  • Xiaomi Mi 55W vertical air-cooled wireless charger.
  • Efficient and safe
  • Utilizes an ergonomic tilt design can hold the phone at an ideal viewing angle, take a look at the information, the viewing angle is just right
  • Maximum power rating of 55W.
  • Support 50W wireless fast charging and the Extended Power Profile (EPP) specification.
  • Built-in silent cooling fan, put on the desk or bedside, quiet and no disturbance
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra mobile phone, charges 100% in 40 minutes
  • 6 intelligent protection mechanisms, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, foreign body detection, electrostatic protection.


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Vertical Kickstand Design

Xiaomi Mi 55W Wireless Charging Stand utilizes an ergonomic tilt design which resembles a kickstand that is meant to hold the phone. It has a dual-color design, a black upper part and a gold base, made of high quality plastic. There is an LED at the bottom which should turn on when the device is plugged in.



Cooling System

Xiaomi Mi 55W Wireless Charging Stand packs an ultra-quiet built-in fan which actively and efficiently cools the charger when compared to other vertical wireless chargers in the market. The heat dissipation is equally more efficient.



Max 55W Wireless Charging

Xiaomi Mi 55W Wireless Charging Stand support for wireless charging including the Mi 10 Ultra that supports 50W wireless fast charging. It also supports the Extended Power Profile (EPP) specification.



Security and Protection

With high voltage input and fast charging mode, provide Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, under voltage protection, foreign body detection, electrostatic protection. Low wireless charging frequency, internal addition of the magnetic isolation sheet, no harm to human health.


Main Features:
Charge as soon as it is discharged, 100% charge in 40 minutes
Wirelessly charge the Mi 10 Ultra, charging to 100% in 40 minutes at the fastest, realizing a full day of battery life.

Ideal tilt angle
The overall appearance is simple and compact, and ergonomic, you can process information while charging, and the viewing angle is excellent.

Built-in silent cooling fan
Built-in silent fan + new air duct design, active heat dissipation, to ensure that the phone does not heat up at low temperatures throughout the process

6-fold smart protection mechanism
Overvoltage protection
Overcurrent protection
Over-temperature protection
Undervoltage protection
Foreign body detection
Static Protection

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