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This Agreement was last modified on 12 October 2018

Intellectual Property

  1. Without prejudice to the terms and conditions provided herein, the products may be exchanged or refunded within fifteen days of the date of purchase, provided that the same is in good condition, displayable & in the original packing. There will be no refund or exchange or replacement of the product unless the original purchase invoice is provided by the customer.
  2. The customer shall not be able to use the right of refund or exchange or return in the below cases: A- If the customer was aware of any default in the product at the time of purchase and has accepted it in its present condition and this was proven in the purchase invoice. B- If the products nature prevents from reselling it, or the way it’s packed or stored as being damaged or it will be impossible to return it to its natural condition upon purchase in a way that will prevent it from being sold again, unless the product had factory defaults or is in a breach of international mandatory measurements or if the product was in defaulted agreement.
  3. Customer must keep original purchase invoice and Warranty Card as they sole valid documents for maintenance and repair purpose at Company’s Maintenance Dept.
  4. Product(s) purchased during Commercial Offers (on Discounts) shall not be exchanged or returned.
  5. Customer’s signature on Transfer Document/Delivery Note shall be deemed as a recognition of receiving the purchased Product(s) in good condition and free from apparent defects.
  6. Free Product(s) given to Customer along with the Purchased Product (s) shall not be exchanged or returned. Customer must return the Free Product(s) in full in the event of exchange or return of Purchased Product(s).
  7. Return or exchange of Product (s) occurs when malfunctioning or not compatible with specifications or cannot be fixed without compromising quality.
  8. If Company accepts to return Products (s), price shall be refunded in the same way as paid at the time of purchase.
  9. Purchase Invoices not stamped by Company’s seal shall be deemed void.
  10. Warranty covers only manufacture defects which appear during the normal operation of the Product(s), under a technical report approved by the Product(s) agent workshop.
  11. Warranty shall not cover malfunctions, beyond Company’s control, resulting from misuse, negligence & natural disasters.
  12. Warranty shall be void if purchased Product(s) fixed by a Party other than Product(s) agent authorized workshop technician along with agent’s Stamped Repair Order.
  13. Warranty shall be avoid in the event where the good is fractured, tampered, unsealed.
  14. Batteries of all purchased Product(s) are not subject to Warranty and are replaced at Customer’s expense.
  15. Accessories of Mobile Phones and Laptops maybe replaced or returned provided that the same have not been opened and are as purchased in sealed cover.
  16. For your safety and health, Health Care Product(s) maybe replaced or returned provided that the same have not been opened and are as purchased in sealed cover.
  17. In the event of malfunction, Company’s showroom shall not be responsible for receiving the malfunctioned Product(s), and Customer must directly check with the workshop of the Product(s) agent.

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