Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger


  • Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger.
  • USB-C 100W MAX fast charge.
  • USB-A & USB-C dual port output.
  • Circular colorful light effect display.


$45.64 $61.94

Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger

Dual Output

Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger has a USB-C port and a USB-A port.




The USB-C port has a maximum power output of 100W (when charging just one device) and will charge the Mi 10 Ultra from empty to full in just 25 minutes.


68W Max Dual Port

Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger has a maximum output of 68W when charging two devices at the same time, with the USB-A port outputting a maximum of 18W.


Compatible with Smart Devices

Xiaomi Mi 100W Car Charger is equipped with USB automatic matching chip, intelligent compatible electronic equipment. In addition to mobile phones and laptops, it can also charge electronic devices commonly used outdoors such as flashlights and mobile power supplies.


5A USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable 

The package includes a 1m USB-C TO USB-C charging cable with built-in E-Marker chip, which can charge mobile phones, laptops, flashlights and other USB-C ported devices for a better experience with use.


High Quality Main Control Chip

High quality main control chip, effectively improve charging efficiency. 4 circuit protections, over-current, over-temperature, over-voltage, short-circuit, provide users with safety for car charging.


Ring-shaped LED Power Indicator

Ring-shaped LED power indicator, convenient for night scenes. Different color display for different charging power, charging status and interface location are clear at a glance.

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