Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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The build quality of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is much better as compared to other phones in the market. This generation 2.5 hardware is just on another level. Plus it has a snapdragon 865 plus processor along with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, so it’s gonna perform like a beast and is never going to disappoint. It is also 5G enabled so that you are equipped for the future. The screen is Ultra-thin glass which is better than plastic screens and the hinge is a hideaway hinge that prevents dust from entering the phone.

The Double Screen experience

The large screen is 7.6 inches and features a 120 Hz display and there is an outside 6.2 inches 60Hz cover display. These screens are smooth with the inner screen giving you an immersive experience while the outer OLED screen allows you to perform any task you want. There are minimum bezels and no notches on the inner 7.6 inches screen. However, the outer screen is a bit narrow so you might not feel comfortable while typing on it.


The device features Android 10 which is upgradeable. The experience is smoother and faster than the previous model of the phone. It can run multiple apps at the same time without slowing down. And there are features like App pairs and Flex mode which make this device worth its price.

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The Samsung Z Foldable 2 Experience

This device is a productivity beast as it allows you to shift between tablet mode and mobile easily. It has FLEX mode that shifts control of some of the apps to one side and content on the rest of the screen, thus presenting you an optimized view for productivity. This mode is supported by several built-in apps like Camera, Video call, Gallery, Video player, Clock, and Calendar. And it is also supported with Youtube, Google Duo, and some third-party apps. The ability to multi-task is very much like a tablet and allows you to use three apps at the same time. You can also launch two apps at the same time with App pairs through a single tap.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 features a 12MP main wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultra-wide angle camera with a 123-degree field of view and a 12MP telephoto lens with a 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. The colors are vibrant and the portrait shots are just perfect, like any other flagship phone in the market. The FLEX mode also allows you to have a look at recent pictures along with a live preview of the present shot you are taking. The selfie cameras on the inner and outer screen are punch hole 10MP cameras.


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has stereo speakers which are loud and the audio quality is quite good. Samsung even claims that you might not even need your Bluetooth speakers as long as you have Galaxy Z Fold 2.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 features a 4500 mAh battery that will last throughout the day. The device also supports 25W fast charging, as well as fast wireless charging and PowerShare reverse charging. So, you really don’t have to worry about battery issues.


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is much more like a usable device and not a prototype like its predecessors. This is the best foldable phone out there in the market. The device shows Samsung’s commitment to innovation. And if you want to try out a brand new type of device, this is your shot. Take it!

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