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The Google Pixel 7 is the most recent offering from Google’s famous Pixel series. The Pixel 7 is sure to grab the interest of tech fans due to its outstanding features and potent specifications. The release date of the Pixel 7 series is the sixth of October 2022, it was introduced at the Made by Google event in New York. With the Pixel 7 release, the competitors were undoubtedly eager to see how Google’s latest flagship smartphone would stack up against their offerings.

 In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the different Pixel 7 models, delve into their specifications, discuss pricing and availability, and even touch upon the stunning Pixel wallpapers. 

  1. Pixel 7 Models:

The Pixel 7 comes in two models: the standard Pixel 7 and the high-end Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 256GB, 12GB RAM. Both models offer unique features and specifications to cater to varying user preferences. The Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 512GB, 12GB RAM is targeted at users looking for a balance between cost and efficiency, while the Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 128GB, 12GB RAM focuses on those who desire advanced technology and the best specifications.

Despite being smaller and less loaded with features of the two smartphones, the Pixel 7 still has a lot to offer. The Pixel 7 Pro stands as the better and bigger phone in the Pixel series. You get a larger screen with a greater resolution, an additional camera on the back, and an extended battery life as compared to the Pixel 7. However, the two new Pixels are very similar. 

  1. Pixel 7 Specifications:

The Pixel 7 has outstanding technical features. The standard model attributes an efficient processor, a large RAM of 8GB, and an exquisite display. On the other hand, the Pixel 7 Pro RAM takes it up one level with better efficiency, an increased capacity of 12GB, and a larger display. On the Alezay website, you can get the precise characteristics of each model. Both offer the same software experience and have the Tensor G2 chipset. Pixel 7 Pro weight is around 212g (7.48oz).

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  1. Pricing and Availability:

The cost of the Pixel 7 models can vary depending on the region and the selected storage capacity. Compared to the expensive Pixel 7 Pro, the standard Pixel 7 is usually more affordable. As for accessibility, Google typically introduces its Pixel phones worldwide. Pixel 7 is a good deal with its starting price of $599 and Pixel 7 Pro is available at $899. Even though the Pixel 7 Pro costs more, it offers more functionality overall. However, both phones are great choices for people who want an efficient software experience and amazing cameras.

  1. Google Pixel Wallpapers:

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Pixel series is the collection of incredible wallpapers. With the Google Pixel 7, you can customize your device with a huge selection of wallpapers. From incredible scenery to artistic designs, you can select from a range of options that match your style and preferences. This Pixel wallpaper phone showcases stunning wallpapers. 

  1. Storage Options:

The Pixel 7 offers two storage options: 128GB and 256 GB. The top-end variant Pixel 7 Pro supports 512GB storage, while the Pixel 7 tops out at 256GB. The Google Pixel 7 128GB variant provides ample space for most users, allowing you to store your apps, photos, and videos without worrying about running out of storage. For users with larger storage requirements or those who frequently store high-resolution media, the Google Pixel 7 256GB variant offers additional space to accommodate your needs.


The Google Pixel 7 is an impressive smartphone lineup with its various models, powerful specifications, stunning wallpapers, and storage options. Whether you choose the standard Pixel 7 or the high-end Pixel 7 Pro, you can expect a premium smartphone experience. As for the Google 7 pixel T-Mobile compatibility, it is expected to be compatible with T-Mobile’s network. 

 Keep an eye on and check all the details of this incredible phone series on Alezay store. Personalize your Pixel 7 with captivating wallpapers and enjoy the seamless performance of this flagship device. Don’t miss out on the chance to avail this outstanding phone at Alezay.

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