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Asus ROG phone 5 came into the market and set the new standards of gaming! Its display, sound, speed, and grip give you a robust feel and enhance your gaming experience, which is hard to get on any gaming phone available in the market.

To get a better understanding, let’s dive into the details of this gaming monster: 

ASUS Rog Phone 5 Specifications


Asus ROG phone 5 has the fastest version of Qualcomm, which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. ROG 5’s CPU of ROG 5 is 25%, and GPU is 35% faster than the previous generation.

The phone runs extremely fast but does not heat up because it’s connected to a 3D vapor chamber. This chamber is made entirely of copper, which protects the processor well. Their strong build keeps the system intact and prevents it from heating up at all costs. 

External Cooling Fan (Attachable)

If the system does heat up due to excessive 5-6 hours of gaming, it also has an (attachable) external fan that cools down the system right away. 


Asus ROG phone 5 has two batteries, each of 3000 mAh, which combines up to give the total 6000 mAh of battery power. The processor is placed in between two batteries which splits the workload between them.

While charging, phone temperature drops down to 46%, helping mobile to charge faster. 

Once fully charged, you can play games on it for straight 7 hours and 30 minutes.

If you keep playing games for 4-5 hours constantly and see and feel that the battery is heating up or dropping, put the phone on charging and selecting the remarkable feature of ‘bypass charging.’ The phone will take power directly from the charging port and not charge the batteries. As such, the batteries will have some time to cool down. 

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Asus ROG 5 offers the Samson emulate display more significant than ROG 3, but the refresh rate is the same as 144 hertz. The touch response of ASUS ROG is 4.3 milliseconds.


Asus ROG has Gorilla Glass Victus, which is the toughest Gorilla Glass yet. It can survive a fall on rough and hard surfaces from up to 2 meters, and it’s also twice as scratch resistant as standard Gorilla Glasses. 


There are 2 speakers of the exact sizes having amplifiers of their own in Asus ROG/ This enhances the gaming experience by immersing you in the gaming environment. For example, if you are playing Call of Duty, you can even hear the enemies’ footsteps. 

It also offers a cool feature of haptic sound. With haptic sound, you can trigger the vibrations. For example, you set the haptic sound to ‘shoot’ in Call of Duty. Upon ‘shooting,’ it will give you the feel of shooting by providing necessary vibrations in your hands. This unique feature makes a person want to play the game for hours.

Monochrome Display and Triggers

On its back, Asus ROG 5 also has a monochrome display that increases the phone’s style.

It also has eight triggers that you can convert into L1, L2, R1, R2, etc., and 10 motion controls.

Ultimate and Pro versions have two added triggers in the back.

If you feel like just playing the game and don’t want to use advanced triggers and motion controls, you can go to the E-sport mode. By enabling that, all of the advanced features will be disabled.

ROG Phone has two more versions:

  1. Asus ROG Phone 5 Premium Edition 5G Dual SIM 256GB, 16GB RAM Gaming Phone (Republic of Gamers)
  2. Asus ROG Phone 5 5G Dual SIM 256GB, 12GB RAM Gaming Phone (Tencent Global)
  3. Asus ROG Phone 7 5G Dual SIM 256GB, 12GB RAM Gaming Phone (Tencent Global)


ASUS ROG 5 offers so much power that it’s challenging to find a game that can make this Gaming Monster go to its full potential. It’s the best gaming phone, and especially games of 120 FPSI run great on ROG 5. 

Asus ROG 5 will take your gaming potential to the next dimension, only if you dare.

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