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REDMAGIC 6R Protective Case


  • Convex structure, X mech style, Brand new Kevlar carved texture.
  • PC+TPU, combined with soft and hard materials, gives you a comfortable grip.
  • Easy to use, the soft TPU material is used on the side for easy disassembly and does not hurt the phone.
  • 3D three-dimensional protection, effectively disperse gravity and provide all-round protection.
  • Protects your Nubia Red Magic 6R from common bumps, thumb prints, dust and scratches.


$8.15 $19.56

$76.61 for 3 item(s)

REDMAGIC 6R Protective Case

Superior materials for a durable case with a comfortable grip
Convex Embedded Structure / X Mecha Design / Carved Texture / 3D Reliable Protection

REDMAGIC 6R Protective Case


Convenient User-Friendly

Making the case easier to clip on or off your phone without harming it

REDMAGIC 6R Protective Case

E-Sports Partner

Brand new Kevlar texture for a cool look and a comfortable feeling, all-around case, lets you fully enjoy E-sport on Red Magic 6R

REDMAGIC 6R Protective Case


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