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Mobile is a necessity today. From calculating the bills, listing orders, payment of different items,
grocery, medical field to teaching, studying and so on is all dependent on just a small handy
gadget “cell”. Initially, a mobile phone was used for only SMS and calls however now it has
included many features like camera, voice recording, FM radio and many more.
The mobile code-division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved quickly over the past
few years. Since the start of this millennium, a standard mobile device has GPS navigation, an
embedded web browser, instant messaging and a hundreds of games.
Below are the latest specifications described by many IT experts
 Snapdragon 835: Huge update from QUALCOMM regarding the micro-processor for
mobile phones is that it will be super-fast, less power consuming and supported AR and
VR requirements.
 4K Display: All the flagship devices from every brand would support 4k displays.
 Dual Camera: Dual camera will support DSLR picture quality from cameras.
 IRIS Scanner: Now it is possible to unlock our phone via eyes like a finger print
 Project Tango: Project Tango is from Google future technology which makes
Augmented Reality possible which is a harmony of virtual and real world.
 Smart Home: The upcoming concept is a smart home where one can control his own
home through his android or iOS enabled phone. It will beneficial to unlock doors, switch
off the light, start ACs and so on.
Below are mobile technology trends of 2018:
 5G NR is almost ready: 5G NR (New Radio) technology, as it’s now known, is well on
track for a 2019 launch, and companies were all over MWC 2018 showing off their 5G
strategies and live demos of their modems and other tech in action. QUALCOMM had the
most impressive demo, showing off a prototype smartphone connected to an actual 5G mm
Wave tower performing transfers with throughput over 4 Gbps. Their demo was utilizing the
full capabilities of mm Wave, and you could even see the small antenna on their prototype.
When speaking to QUALCOMM, they claimed their technology is right on track for
smartphone integration in 2019.
 Slim Bezel Display: You can expect to see these sorts of displays in majority phones
from $200 handsets to premium devices. Companies are eager to fall into line with
the latest trends and hit up those marketing buzzwords: slim bezels and 18:9 displays
are all the rage, so screen to body ratio will dominate discussion.

Companies that don’t use expensive displays or slim down their bezels may fail to
capture the attention of consumers after the best viewing experience.
 Huawei has set the Bar for Laptops in 2018: In the year 2018, Huawei has set the bar
high and early with their astonishing  Matebook X Pro . This is a product that will take
some serious beating in 2018 provided it lives up to expectations at the review table –
and has firmly established Huawei as a serious player in a market
The Matebook X Pro is a beautiful, well-crafted device. It has an expensive, high-
resolution display with the slimmest bezels of any laptop yet. And it backs all that up
with both Intel 8th gen CPUs and GeForce MX150 graphics, along with Thunderbolt
3 with USB-C charging, and a standard size 57 Wh battery. It appears to be the
perfect mix of performance and beauty without sacrificing battery capacity, though
naturally that comes with a high price tag attached.
There’s not a single laptop on the market that provides what Huawei’s laptop
provides, and that should put these OEMs on notice.

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