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Google Pixel 9: Expected Price, Release Date, Specs

People are waiting for the Google Pixel 9. They are looking forward to its launch. Tech fanatics are keenly betting that Google will soon launch its smartphone. From the price we expect to see to the rumored specifications and the possible release date, here is what we know about the Google Pixel 9. The Google Pixel 9 will launch exclusively at the Alezay mobile store in Kuwait. 

Expected Release Date of Google Pixel 9

The release of the Google Pixel 9 device is expected soon. Google announced its Pixel phones at its “Made by Google” event in the fall. According to the Pixel 9 release history, the device might come out in October. 

Expected Price of Google Pixel 9

The Pixel 9 will likely support the same pricing structure as its ancestors. The Pixel 9 will see another 2024 price hike from Google.

– Pixel 9: $699

– Pixel 9 Pro: $999

Google could then come up with a third phone. The highest tier on the Google Pixel 9 lineup could be the Pixel 9 Pro XL. It is likely to come with a higher price tag. You can also try Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Expected Specs of Google Pixel 9


The Pixel 9 is expected to offer a new design. As opposed to the rounded edges Pixel 9 will have flat edges. This alteration could be a perfect choice for a modern and minimalistic style. It helps to increase grip and usability.

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The Pixel 9 will offer a 6. .03-inch display. The new Pixel Pro 9 will have the screen of 6. 1-inch display. The Pixel 9 Pro XL may have a 6. 5-inch, QHD+ OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. It makes the user able to see high-quality pictures.


The Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro are expected with selfie hole-punch cameras. The rear camera setup will be changing. Instead of the old pill-shaped design, a new rectangular-esque visor is added. Users expect more advanced image generation in the next version.

Processor and Performance:

Pixel 9 devices may have the Tensor G4 processor. There are improvements in AI processing and performance. Users anticipate smooth and efficient multitasking. The Pixel 9 Pro will have 16GB of RAM.

Final Words!

With the news on Google Pixel 9 about to be released, consumers impatiently wait for the official announcements to come from Google. The Pixel 9 has the opportunity to be a top-of-the-line phone and beat phones outperformed in the market. In Kuwait, the Pixel 9 phone will be available at the Alezay Mobile Store.


Q. Is Google coming out with a Pixel 9?

Yes, the release of the Pixel 9 from Google is scheduled this year. The Pixel 9 will be launched in October.

Q. What is the price of a Google Pixel 9?

The predicted price of the Google Pixel 9 would be $699. The Pixel 9 Pro is priced at $999. 

Q. What is the size of the Pixel 9 Pro?

Pixel 9 Pro is rumored to contain a 6.1-inch display. 

Q. When did the Pixel 9 come out?

The Pixel 9 is likely to be launched in the first week of October 2024. 

Q. Will Pixel 9 have an AI feature?

The Pixel 9 will have AI functionalities processed directly on the device with many AI tools. 

Q. What is the screen size of the Pixel 9?

The Pixel 9 is projected to come with a 6.03 inches. 

Q. Is the Pixel 9 smaller than the Pixel 8?

Yes, the Pixel 9 is said to be a bit smaller than the Pixel 8 with a display size of 6.03 inches is a reduction compared to the Pixel 8’s 6.1 inches. 

Q. When was the release of Google Pixel 9 in India?

The Google Pixel 9 is going to launch in India later this year. 

Q. Will there be a Pixel 9 with Gemini?

The new Pixel 9 series will likely feature a Pixie assistant powered by Gemini. 

Q. What is Pixel 9?

The Pixel 9 may have the same dimensions as the Pixel 8. 

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