Black Shark Gamepad 3

Black Shark

  • Black Shark Gamepad 3 and Slide Rail Stand Set.
  • Compatible with Xiaomi Black Shark 2, Black Shark Helo, Black Shark 2 Pro,  Black Shark 3, Black Shark 3 Pro
  • Ultra-long battery life, small and portable.
  • E-racing feel, easy and fast connected with handset.
  • You can use Analog stick with four buttons+LB/LT to capture images and reading as well.



$123.88 for 3 item(s)




  • This Gamepad is designed for E-racing feel, compact, easy to connect, easy to control, mobile + aiming + shooting at the same time.
  • Keys and finger contact position using matte material.
  • The centralized key distribution makes the key combination press faster, and the grip is ergonomically designed.
  • Pressing the shoulder button corrects the pressing area on the design of the left handle of the wings, while increasing the key damping sensation.
  • Six-axis gyroscope-assisted aiming, full-key support customization, with a black shark handle small bracket can be transformed into a palm machine, the battery life of up to 50 hours.
  • The slide rail stand connects the Gamepad and Black Shark 3 solid and secure.
  • The function of LB/LT as well as direction buttons can all set as you want.
  • LB/LT buttons also work with taking pictures and reading.

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