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Hala February Kuwait is an annual festival held in Kuwait. It is financed by private companies and some large-scale institutions such as Kuwait Airways, in cooperation with the government. The festival usually begins with a parade or a show that takes place on Salem Al Mubarak street in Al Salmiya.

In celebration of Hala February festival, shops display offers and discounts all around the country. The most prominent activity of the festival is the music concerts, they are considered the largest set of concerts to happen in any Arab nation. This year an enormous concert was held on February the second of February performed by the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab and the Kuwaiti singer Nawal.

Hala February attracts the attention of tourists as they prefer to come during this month in order to enjoy the celebrations, discounts, and offers everywhere. In February of every year, visitors see Kuwait full of flowers, lights, and happiness.

History of Hala February


History Of Hala February

The festival of “Hala Febrayer” as pronounced in Kuwaiti Arabic dialect which means welcome February is held in commemoration of the liberation of Kuwait. It starts from the first day of the month and lasts until the last day. However, the day of liberation itself is on the 26th of February.

First held in 1999, the national Kuwaiti festival is meant to celebrate the spring and promote Arab arts and culture through many means.

Ways of celebration


Ways of celebration

It’s a special holiday in Kuwait for all workers either in public or private sectors. As a part of the celebrations, most shops offer discounts. Many people spend the day in malls to go shopping and enjoy the sales. Others participate in the socio-cultural, athletic and entertainment activities which are prepared in advance by the festival organizers. While other people just go to the streets to watch the beautiful street parades and large flower and ribbon decorations, lights and Kuwait flags. Visitors will also find many vendors selling flags, national Kuwaiti customs and hats. No problem if you can’t go down and hit the malls as you can enjoy also the discounts on online websites such as Alezay

Inspired by the consolidated spirit of Kuwait, great phenomenon of harmony and cooperation are manifested during the festival as nationals and expats enjoy the events and celebrations together side by side. Tourists also from all around GCC states flock to Kuwait to uphold their ties with their fellow Kuwaitis and show support.

The atmosphere in springtime, especially during the festival, reveals the real Arabian warmth and hospitality. It’s absolutely the right time for youngsters and old people to check the beauty of Kuwait. Theaters showcase fabulous plays and shows during the month delivered by groups from all around the Arab region, cinemas play the newest regional and international movies, also streets get packed with processions and parades and lined with vendors.

It became a custom for all business owners to offer special discounts on all products during the festival. It is also encouraged by governmental authorities in order to grab more tourists to the country. Interesting discounts are also made on cinema tickets, gardens and parks, theaters, and all other getaways. Even e-commerce websites and online vendors feature special offers on most of the displayed products during Hala February festival. February is unique in Kuwait, the whole country gets coated with spring colors as laughter and happiness prevail everywhere. All people are in festive spirit, even Kuwait flags can be seen hanging from balconies and draped over building facades. Also, fireworks light up the city’s nights every now and then during the festival.

Facts about Kuwait


Facts about kuwait

Until 1962, Kuwait used to celebrate its national day on the 19th of June, but in the following year, it changed the date to February 25 in order to avoid the sweltering weather of the summer and facilitate outdoor activities.

February 25th is the day when Sheikh Abdullah was named the Emir of Kuwait in 1950. The following day, 26th signifies Kuwait’s liberation from invading Iraqi forces in 1991.

It’s worth mentioning that Kuwait has the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves, it is also the first country to hold the sport of camel racing, that was in 2006.

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